Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Kids' Kavern

We decided to day to turn our workroom into a "Kids' Kavern." Yeah, we know cavern is spelled wrong, but it just works better with the K. We are so excited. The Kavern Committee is going to plan how to best use the workroom, but the teacher said we could do whatever we thought was best, as long as she approved it. We are going to put a couch in there, and we already have a foosball table and air hockey. We have lots of books in there, and will be getting bean bag chairs. Of course, we all can't be in the Kavern at once, but it will be cool to just chill in there after school, during recess, and whenever we earn chill time (which isn't very often). It's going to be hard for Ms. Brockway to get us out of here in the afternoon!

We'll post pictures when it's finished!

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